About us

For the love of earth kitchen

Natural and handmade specialties


Our philosophy

oillive stands for the production and distribution of excellent, sustainable and high quality food.

The quality of our culinary delights is particularly close to our hearts and since the beginning our motto has been “quality instead of mass”.

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from centuries-old olive groves. In Sicily in the beautiful valley of Noto and in Calabria in the picturesque region of Cosenza. The olives are still picked personally by hand – you are welcome to join for the next olive harvest. If you are interested, just contact us.

Among our products you will find the excellent fine food articles of Tasting Sicily, which contain the authentic flavors of Sicily. And the Calabrian Handicraft Excellence of L’Azienda GiaMon “Calabria piu”, which consist of local products processed by hand, without preservatives.

Shopping in the store

Next store openings: currently no direct sales due to accident

At our monthly openings you can test the quality of our product selection in the store of the Öl-und Chostbar at Gerberstrasse 27 in Liestal. We wanted to create a small gourmet corner where you can find natural and healthy flavors in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

If you can’t reach the store, we can also deliver our products directly to your home via our online store.






Cold pressed

Drop by drop pure plant gold

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